IT Support and Sales

Daily, the threat from various angles, are trying to leverage some sort of power over your information or ability of your Business to function at full capacity. With the increasing demand and reliance upon uptime and optimal functionality of servers, laptops, desktopsĀ and infrastructure of a business, the need for skilled Technicians to pro-actively act on your behalf, is critical.

We provide onsite support to businesses who requires skilled and knowledgeable Technicians to take care of your IT environment. We will maintain and look after your servers, desktops and networks and find a tailored solution with competitive pricing on servers, desktops and other hardware.

Our services include:

  • Sales, installation, maintenance and support of all Microsoft Servers and desktop software.
  • Sales, installation, maintenance and support of hardware for servers, desktops and laptop platforms.
  • Management of internet connectivity & firewall networks.
  • Ad-Hoc call-outs when support is needed.
  • Structured weekly site visits at a set time.
  • SLA contracts, for priority service, with negotiated turnaround times if so required.
  • Sales of all major branded hardware and software.
  • Software licensing.
  • Backup solutions.